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You can assist by using your social media accounts to Tweet, Post, Snapchat or use Instagram and others to make sure the world remains aware that 239 fellow humans are still lost aboard the airliner. The world must not simply forget this tragedy just because the instant, short-lived news cycle has moved on to other stories that are garnering more clicks at the moment.

Try and assist us in making the work of this project is known far and wide. Please use the hashtag #Project370 when making your posts. Wherever possible, include this web address in your posts -

If you like, you can use our social media logo for your profile to help boost awareness and let people know you support this important project. Feel free to copy it from our twitter account at

If you live in an Indian Ocean state mentioned below be alert if walking on a beach.

While finding additional debris from the aircraft will not assist with better drift analyses, it WILL possibly help investigators develop a better picture of how it entered the ocean.

So if you live on the eastern side of Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Rodrigues or anywhere along the African coastline from Tanzania to the Cape Province of South Africa, please be on the lookout if walking on any of the eastern beaches of these countries.

Look for items with smooth white, grey red or blue finishes and with a honeycomb construction like this sample here. It can be any size - the tape measure in this image is for reference only.


If you do find an item you feel may be from an aircraft, please photograph it and mail a copy of your image to and include the location where it was found and your contact details. Then, notify your local police and ask them to forward the debris to your country's national aviation authorities for inspection. Preserve it in a plastic bag if at all possible.

Please do not remove any encrusted marine organisms that may be on the item - they can give vital clues to investigators regarding where it entered the ocean.

Admin volunteers in USA, Europe, Australia, Malaysia
We may need volunteers to handle mail and documents in the above countries. If you are able to give your time to this project in this regard, get in touch either via DM on Twitter or by using the "contact us" link on this page.

Sponsors for operating costs or to undertake the actual oceanic surveys

Our volunteers have spent their own cash on domain names, web service fees, equipment, phone calls and other activities vital to setting up and running a worldwide project such as this. We are all doing it as we feel it must be done. However, not all countries have great economies and so, if there are any sponsors wishing to help our volunteers to amortise some of the costs involved, this will be welcomed.

If you are a corporate entity, please consider interacting with us to help us get vessels to sea. If you were looking for worldwide recognition, funding the search for MH370 will ensure that your name goes down in history in the best possible manner.

Any donations of time, facilities or other assets can be made after contacting us at

Translators to help us post the website in Chinese, French, German and Malaysian.This may be an ongoing job as media releases and updates will be generated throughout the life of the project. Please consider your situation carefully before volunteering

 Volunteer your awesome skills and ideas
If you have a particular skill, think we have missed a trick or you feel you can contribute to this project in a meaningful manner, please get in touch via our contact page. Include a short resume and a description of your skill set/idea and how you think you could help us achieve our goals - remember ALL work on this project is voluntary and does not pay any type of wage or allowance.