Project370: The Costs


Project370 suggested search methodology offers, we believe, the most cost-effective solution to the problem of locating flight MH370.


As this is a volunteer initiative with minimal costs, virtually every dollar raised will actually go towards the search at sea.

All operating costs of the foundation to date have been covered by foundation volunteers digging into their own pockets (If there is anyone out there who wants to fund some of these operating costs - you are welcome to get in touch!)

So? How much do we need to feed the boats, the crews and the high-tech equipment for the two phases of our search?

Phase one: US 4 million - Yes, indeed, Only US$4 million.

Phase Two: US$ 2.5 million (perhaps less as we will be pretty sure of the area to which to sail...) This figure will be updated on the completion of Phase One.

When taken in context - especially of the more than US$ 200 million already spent on the search - this is a really small additional expenditure towards  ensuring the safety of future airline flights and bringing closure to the relatives of the passengers of flight MH370.

The project team initially created facilities for public donations when this site was launched.

However, it became apparent that there was not a sufficient appetite among world citizens to fund the project's searches and so the board decided to adopt a different funding model.

Various sources of scientific funding exist from several different foundations and the project team is in discussion with such entities to further its goal of putting a survey vessel back to sea.

We remain determined to continue the sea search for 9M-MRO at the earliest opportunity.